Bophut - Fisherman village - September 2th, 2008

Bophut is located on the northern part of the island. Formerly small village of fishermen with its tradionnal wooden houses, Bophut named also Fisherman village is a place where many tourists come to walk in the evening in the parrallel street to the beach. Many restaurants, bars and shops are present in Bophut. its convivial environment is still present but bophut looks like less and less small village of fishermen who it was before. Its tradionnal houses of wood which made the charm of bophut let the place to new concrete constructions very close on the beach. Too bad…

pier on the bophut beach
sculture on house out of wooden bophut
street fisherman village bophut koh samui
  house of wood in bophut
bophut beach old woman in bohut
view of the bophut beach
bophut changed these last years much
building on the beach of bophut
view on koh pha ngan island since bophut beach
view the evening bophut

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