Koh Tan island - February 2009

Placed in the South of koh Samui, the island of Koh Tan or ( Koh Taen) is a small island of a surface of 7,5 square kilometres still protected from any urbanization. Renowned for its submarine reef of coral, its fauna and flora, ideal for the snorkelling, you can also make a walk and discover its mangrove swamp, or just relax on the beach of white sand borded with coconut palms. The nature there is still present. Only a little resort of wooden bungalow with its restaurant is present on this beach. But warning Koh Tan is fragile because of its nearness of Koh samui and its ecology, if its not protected it risk to undergo in the next years a deep change in the still virgin.
landscape of this island.

Buddha's status -Koh-tan
Side of hill-Koh-tan Koh-Taen
Mangrove swamp-Koh-Tan
Koh-Tan-view five rocks

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