Temple Wat Plai Laem - Wat Nuan Naram - June 16th, 2008

Wat Plai Laem is a newly built in 2004 and very ornate temple situated just near Big Buddha statue. Khun Jarit Phumdonming, artist of this temple, spent more than three years adding finer details to the external parts of the temple. Wat Plai Laem is one of the most colorful temple on Samui and features an 18 arms strong Buddha statue set in the middle of the lake.

Temple Plai Laem Wat Nuan Naram koh samui
Temple Plai Laem Wat Nuan Naram koh samui thailand
Wat Plai Laem Bhumisparsha mudra Samui
  Wat Plai Laem Abhaya mudra koh Samui Thailand
The 18 arms Buddha Wat Plai Laem koh samui
Wat Nuan Naram Temple Plai Laemam koh samui
Bhumisparsha mudra Wat Olai Laem koh Samui
Wat Plai Laem koh samui thailand
Painting Temple Plai Laemam koh samui
Wat Plai Laem samui
Statue Wat Plai Laem koh samui
Wat Nuan Naram Temple Plai Laemam samui

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