Abundant constructions and development on Koh Samui - August 25, 2008

Koh Samui has been for several years under development full real completely changing the aspect and the environment of the island. Nature having to leave place with constructions and the concreting along the beaches and of the surrounding hills. Unfortunately nature and so rich fauna before decrease by days in days. Sad destiny for an island which is sold in the Travel operators or on the postcards as a paradisiac island… Koh Samui should be rather sold like a seaside resort nearer to reality. Too bad that Koh samui is not followed the way of éco-tourism.

building sites has koh samui
Each days of new building sites are born in Koh Samui

constructions on the beaches of koh samui
The least pieces along the still virgin beaches of constructions are concreted

Nature decreases by days in days on Koh Samui
Nature decreases by days in days

Flush hills with Koh Samui
Flush hills on Koh Samui

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