Koh Samui is an island situated in the South of the thaïlande in the golf of the Siam. Of a 247 km surface squared, it is in surface the third island of the realm. Koh samui for some years changed a lot, of part its tourist and real-estate development, bringing a change of his tourist clientele and its environment. Far from the 70s when the backpackers came to Samui for his paradisiac site and its festive atmosphere, The current samui turns towards one easier, more family and older clientele. Of big person resorts build themselves almost everywhere, buildings, residences, businesses, etc. especially in the north part of the island, what makes it a permanant construction site.

The most blatant and when we circulate along the coast to see fewer and fewer the sea according to the years by constructions along this coast. Without speaking about heavy losses where we cut and arase a hill to make it a road harming future real-estate developments.

Fortunately this day, the Thai authorities become aware of it and impose henceforth not building zones and standards established well to harmonize all this. The inside and the South of the island are more protected and remain much wilder than the north part Even if koh samui in lost a part of its soul because of its development and what everything became business, they remain nevertheless protected places and which deserve to linger there.

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